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« Which emotions!! Very nice reconstruction! Congratulations for this magnificent realization.” »

« A lot of emotions and recognition. Well done to resurrect moments of our history this intensively. »

« You are working for the coming to terms with the past and this visit should be, for us soldiers, the opportunity to remember the unwavering heroism of our ancestors. »

« Impressive visit which reminds the young people of what the old ones had endured to offer them what they have today. »

« Very interesting visit, we admired the courage of the soldiers, not to forget their sacrifice for the nation, it is important to make memories… »

« Very nice circuit, quality production for the prosperity !” »

« Very representative, moving and so true! We loved it ! »

« A beautiful exhibition, so wonderful to learn about the history of Verdun this way ! »

« A remarkable realization and realism. It was as if we had relived a part of our history. »

« Very nice reconstruction, captivating and interesting. Nice way of paying tribute to the soldiers who died for France. »

« A logistically and educationally well thought up circuit. »

« This visit explains history in a very interesting and original way. I liked it very much! Well done and thank you… »

« Thank you for this vibrating homage and the unforgettable production ! »