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A unique circuit to discover the life of the soldiers

The subterranean citadel was a sophisticated logistic basis, a dreaded point of departure and a place of comfort which was very much appreciated by the soldiers. Therefore, it is an unavoidable place of memory of the First World War.

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On board of an audioguided nacelle

Dug out under the citadel of Verdun between 1886 and 1893 and organized to be able to shelter 2,000 men and to nourish them, the galleries played a major role during the battle of 1916.

On board of an audioguided nacelle you will discover the everyday life of the French soldiers during the First World War. From the bakery to the hospital, from the kitchen to the barrack rooms, follow the footsteps of the soldiers who waited to go to the front or who came from the front.

Choice of the Unknown Soldier
Choice of the Unknown Soldier

In one of these casemates you will witness the ceremony of 10th November 1920 during which the Unknown Soldier has been chosen, which is the highest gesture of a whole nation for a from then on symbolic place.

All along the visit, audio-visual archives and documents relate France’s entry into the war in 1914 and the big fronts of the conflict. A zoom on the year 1916 places the battle of Verdun into the international context.