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  • Exhumation of a body from the cemetery of Adelaide of Villers-Bretonneux in the Somme on 2nd November 1993. Buried in the Australian War Memorial of Canberra on 11th November 1993.


  • Chosen in the station concourse of Bruges on 10th November 1922. Buried at the bottom of the pillar of the congress in Brussels.


  • Exhumation of a body on 23rd May 2000. Buried in the commemorative Monument of War of Canada in Ottawa.

United States of America

  • Chosen in Chalôns-sur-Marne on 24th October 1921. Buried in the national cemetery of Arlington on 11th November 1921.

Great Britain

  • Chosen in France on 10th November 1920. Buried in the Westminster Abbey in London on 11th November 1920.


  • Chosen in Aquilée in Italy. Buried on the place of Venise in Rome on 4th November 1921.

New Zealand

  • Exhumation of a body from the cemetery of the Commonwealth in Longueval in the Somme on 10th October 2004. Buried in the National Memorial of War in Wellington on 11th November 2004.


  • Buried in Varsovie under the vestiges of the former Saxe palace on 2nd November 1925.


  • Two unknown soldiers. The first one is a soldier who fought at the French front during the First World War and the second one comes from Mozambique, a former Portuguese colony. Buried in the monastery of Bathala on 9th April 1924.

Czech Republic

  • Buried in the old chapel of the town hall of Prague.


  • Chosen in Romania. Buried in the Carol Park in Bucharest on 16th May 1923. This grave was desecrated and scattered after the Second World War.


  • Buried in Bratislava on the Murman plateau since 1927.


  • Buried on the Avala Mountain near Belgrade on 23rd November 1923.